This Is the Era of Digital Communities

Today’s consumers are no longer passively digesting marketing content. In this post, we will talk about the kind of professionals most small or enterprise companies lack. Digital courses or books on solid community management tactics and strategies are rare. Let’s fix that.

Empower your customers by turning them into community members. Doing so will benefit your bottom and top lines as you increase consumer loyalty, not to mention that converting your most loyal customers into brand ambassadors is a new medium of mass communication. ~ Dessi Popova

The modern customer is all about digital content; except they don’t need you to create it all for them. No, they do not just consume it! Your community members need to be allowed to participate in the sharing, creating and editing of the content.

A community expert is an absolute must for any business striving to succeed in this highly competitive digital market. The community professionals work closely with skilled storytellers. They create a heart and soul for your brand and then build a community of supporters around it. The CM’s are marketing strategists with the business development and people skills necessary to build a loyal user base that will proudly guard your core values. Think of your CM as a political campaign manager whose strong leadership skills will get you elected.

There is so much noise about the importance of community building, yet globally only a few people are getting the job done properly. It is not the social media manager’s fault. The problem is that a SM gets to wear a ton of hats and hardly has the time to be a community leader. A social media expert should not always be a community manager. Stay tuned for a post that will discuss the differences between social and community managers.

There is also one more unsolved problem, there aren’t sufficient training materials or courses teaching people how to be strong community builders and leaders. In the next three posts we will be talking about the key skills and knowledge needed to become a skilled community professional.

Good-bye Marketing Guru, Hello Chief Community Officer

Chief Community Officer (CCO) is a title you will be seeing more of in the near future. Time to part ways with the Chief Marketing orchestra leaders and welcome the multi-dimensional community officers. They are senior pros skilled in the practice of management and core business principles. They can apply these skills in a global context and have an entrepreneurial mindset that enables them to facilitate executive innovation within a brand.

I’ve got news for you. It is the end of anxiety-based marketing. Let me explain to you what this term means. You focus on an issue your audience may not have seen before. This raises their anxiety. Then, with careful timing, you reveal the solution. It happens to be a product that you have for sale. In their heightened emotional state they are receptive to the idea of making a purchase.

The modern world is personal; people want to know intimate things. Today’s consumers are smart. They demand emotional connection and genuine care. They want to know you are Earth and animal-friendly. More importantly, they expect you to turn them into the protagonist of your story. They want to have a say in your business development and would rather see you treat them with a dose of empowerment instead of anxiety. For decades, companies have made us feel inadequate in order to get us to buy. No more.

The Chief Community Officer understands the importance of letting the customers make decisions for the company. They function as a bridge between the community members and departments across an entire organization.

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