When Dessi looks at the Internet, she sees ways for people to come together through new processes that the ordinary eye simply does not see. This is someone with tremendous innovative creativity. I encourage you to get involved in the Dennis project, and I really encourage you to get to know Dessi.
David Edelstein - Communication Coach & Harvard Alumni

Dessi is a great communicator who is curious about others, non-judgemental and open to new ideas. She managed to create a community from the ground up by finding the right people and being a great motivator for each of them. Dessi built a strong (and deserved) reputation as someone with a vision and diligence. Many times her ability to work under pressure inspired me to push my abilities and create something better.
Georgi Nikolov - Entrepreneur

Dessi was instrumental in driving community and user growth for our start-up recruiting platform. Her efforts tripled our brand's growth across major social channels and lead to 100% gen market increase and 150% tech vertical increase in just six months.
Denise Angarola Fernandez - Senior Marketing and Business EQ Leader * B2B & Consumer Tech & Mobile * Global Brands

Dessi is a unique character, someone who makes an impact and leaves a thorough impression behind at any project she gets involved in.
Sebastian Kuhnert - Executive Manager in Online Education & Internet Media

I was consistently impressed by Dessi's drive, her knowledge of social media and player engagement and her ability to run a social casino application virtually on her own.
Blair Aronson - Director of Operations at NYX - USA