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Dessi Popova | Community & Leadership Strategist | Mentor


I’m Dessi, and I’m changing the way people learn and network online, giving digital entrepreneurs and businesses the ecosystems, connections, tools, and know-how they need to create unbreakable social learning empires. To make this happen I use a Viral Relationship Strategy that I invented after a decade of testing and innovation.


I helped an online academy build a 200k member community from scratch using this strategy. The business used the same approach in 19 different markets to reach over 7 million members. The Viral Relationship Strategy even had community members live streaming with 500 of viewers on average per coaching. The business also used the same strategy internally to build a team of over 1000 people that worked directly with the members building this massive digital world. This strategy was directly responsible for millions of monthly revenue and saved millions on advertising and customer support!


Another client with an existing community of 300k grown 100% organically used this same strategy to nurture their members and VIP customers. They were able to delegate all of the responsibility of running the community to the highest spending VIP customers by dubbing them super ambassadors and giving them ownership of separate communities. The result? Over $1M in sales! All thanks to the Viral Relationship Strategy.


A growing career consultancy needed to support and nurture their local communities with their online community. So they decided to use the Viral Relationship Strategy. It created brand advocates, popularizing the community across global tech seminars, live events, webinars, and conferences. The Viral Relationship Strategy fueled the launch of their own social media platform. It was even responsible for their first virtual job fair with Time Inc.  Within 6 months, the viral relationship strategy had aligned their entire company with their external communities, increasing their social media engagement by 300%, lead gen by 100%, and tech market penetration by 150%!


It works especially well for e-learning and coaches, courses, memberships, recurring business models like a monthly service provider, or even physical products. And now, Dennis Communities is implementing the same strategy for a limited number of Facebook/LinkedIn Groups and private platforms…

Dennis is all about innovation.

Today, I have helped brands scale and sustain high ROI across multiple markets. The largest of them reached over 7 MILLION community members.
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