This is Dennis

Have you ever wanted to change the world? This is your chance. Welcome to the Dennis Digital Movement! We are an eLearning community with a pay it forward concept. The mantra of Dennis is Knowledge to Share. Everyone can teach others something. Including YOU!


I want to change the world! Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

If it has, then this is for you.

We’ve entered the era of social eLearning and flexible work. We no longer need to go to an office to provide for our families, nor do we need an office building to run our own small or enterprise teams. We’re all part of the technological revolution, and doesn’t it feel great?!

Today, we walk in and out of learning groups, digital courses, and webinars. Learning online has become inexpensive, eliminating the need to travel to costly destinations, yet allowing us to meet brilliant minds.

We’re creating a social academy for adult learners. Imagine an open-to-all space with online courses that help you excel professionally and as a person. With authentic discussions and digital networking events. Sounds amazing, right? Even better – tons of beginner and starter content will be free of charge.

We’re building a vibrant digital community where there isn’t just one coach but a comprehensive group of highly motivated experts. All helping others reach a basic universal income and much more. Our mission is to eliminate everyone’s financial worries and then help them achieve their business and life goals! I invite you to be part of the change!

Learning has become an ongoing process. It’s no longer about going to an exclusive university and getting a degree for life. With rapid changes in technology and social influence, wouldn’t you agree that we must learn daily?

Everyone is welcome to join. There is no competition, this is where sincere people come to teach, share and learn within a family.

The brand name, Dennis, was inspired by my son. He is the most important person in my life, which means I will give my very best to make this project a success.

And, it will be a success because it’s different. The Dennis community of influencers consists of professionals who genuinely want to change the world through the power of shared knowledge and friendship.

My name is Dessi. I’ve been building virtual worlds for the last 9 years. People refer to me as a digital politician, but I’m also a humanitarian with a brave mission. To use my talent, knowledge and leadership skills to build a better tomorrow for all of us and our children. In late 2016, I became a mom. This is when I knew that it was time to change the world and make it a smarter and kinder place! Let’s do it together.

Come to say hi at Dennis.  I’ll be looking forward to connecting and chatting with each one of you.